About us

We are Ana and Mario that, married and accomplices for 40 years, easily got used to spend vacations and weekends in Ericeira. We were looking for a home for our son when we came across and fell in love with our first property, Beija-Flor House. That was the moment when the dream of remodeling and renting the house for short vacations started. The experience was so positive that we decided to embrace this new activity and, driven by the pleasure of relating to others, we expanded our offer.

Both of us get involved on the preparation of the houses as well on the visitors reception. And, in fact, that is crucial for a successful welcome. Upon arrival, we personally present the house and the region. An informative dossier, available at each property, suggests day trips for the visitors that wishes to know Lisbon and the surrounding tourist sites.

We offer full support during the stay.

We like what we do!!! And that is a feeling that is easily understood by those visitors who get in touch with us after choosing our properties. And keeps them confident and quiet since the booking until the moment they return home after vacation time.

The reviews received after the holidays are a comforting way to reward our work and we are grateful for it.